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(swah-rey) | Enjoy Life By Eating Dessert - St. Pete’s Trendy Dessert Bar

(swah-rey) is St. Pete’s trendy Dessert Bar – a spot for scratch-made desserts that are paired with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage and served with love & kindness.

(swah-rey) is now a multi-location dessert bar that opened in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2015. 

The business started to simply solve the problem of Leslie Ann’s dessert cravings.  Long drives throughout the Tampa Bay Area led to endless searching for scratch-made cakes and other desserts that are available in the evening hours. 

We quickly realized that scratch-made, never frozen desserts are scarce within the Tampa Bay Area, never mind if you wanted to be an adult and pair a dessert with a glass of wine, champagne or even a beer!   We decided that (swah-rey) a dessert bar, was the answer to this problem.  

We set out to design the best dessert recipes, paired with the best beverages and baked by the most talented women in St Pete and served by the kindest people!

Who doesn’t love the sultry sophistication that the French language offers?  Inspired by the French word ‘soiree’, meaning a party or reception held in the evening, the word embodied the dream of Leslie Ann’s dessert bar.  With some creativity, inspired by her Mother, the phonetic spelling of the French word, soirée, became (swah-rey).  The obvious choice for a dessert bar born within the city of St. Petersburg, which is full of art, whimsy, character, and parties. 

With an endless and equal love for celebrations and cake, Leslie Ann believed that there is always a reason to celebrate each and every day.  (swah-rey) provides the perfect place and perfect dessert options to have you eating a different dessert every day of the month.  

AND… the story doesn’t end there.  Having opened our 2nd location in 2018, (swah-rey) will continue to grow into a regional brand that is synonymous with great desserts and kind people.  Look for us to be opening two more locations in St. Petersburg in early 2020, including our first location at St. Pete College and one in the base of a new hotel. 

(we love dessert)

(we love St. Pete)

@ 2105 Central Ave

Our original (swah-rey) dessert bar is where the dream of Leslie Ann’s vision was realized. It is both a retail dessert location, a dessert bar and a commercial bakery. Supported by a team of immensely talented women, we’re proud of the 7000+ desserts we hand make here on a weekly basis for our multiple (swah-rey) locations and our wholesale dessert customers.  

If you’re looking to experience some of our delicious Mini cupcakes or a large cake slice, while sitting down with friends or family, this is the perfect (swah-rey) for you. Our larger, full-service dessert bar is a great place to celebrate both a special occasion or a regular night out. This is the perfect place for couples and large groups to enjoy the best desserts available in St. Petersburg every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. PLUS… take some desserts home too!

Why not pair your need for Cake and your desire for a glass of Wine, Beer or Prosecco at the same place? Maybe you are a soda lover or a hot-tea connoisseur? Whatever your preference, we have the beverage you love including Coffee, Tea, Milk, Hard Ciders, Wine, Beer, Prosecco and a selection of sodas.

@ 625 Central Ave

What’s better than a Grab ‘n Go (swah-rey) location to satisfy your sweet cravings in the quickest and simplest way possible? How about a (swah-rey) dessert bar this is open 7 days a week starting at 11am. Yes, life should be this sweet & easy!

Located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, we serve each of our 19 varieties of our much-loved Mini cupcakes. Plus, if you are a fan of our famous HookUps, Cheesecakes or Cream Pies in-a-glass, then look no further. You can experience all of the best desserts, served with kindness that only (swah-rey) can do for you and your sweet tooth.

Serving desserts and drinks each day of the week, we’ve got you covered. No matter what day you’re in need of a freshly baked, never frozen dessert – we are here for you!

AND…. we serve your Pup here too! If you are looking for a birthday cake for your dog or boxes of Pup Minis for your dog and your dog’s pup friends, this location is the one for you.

Open 7 days a week eat-in or take out desserts

(we love toast)

The #1 Point of Sale System (POS) is TOAST! 

We wanted to purchase a Point of Sale system that would be easy to use, adaptable to planned growth, full of analytical data and a customer service centric 24 hour / 7 day a week business.

In 2015, we opened our first (swah-rey) location with TOAST and as we grow TOAST continues to grow with us. 

TOAST’s analytical abilities makes it easy for us to run reports on our desserts and drink sales, individual menu items and recipe costs.

In seconds, we can see specialized and itemized reporting that shows us which items are performing well and which items are not. 

Check out Toast for yourself and tell them we sent ya! 


(we love lisa)

Our mission at (swah-rey) is to support and empower women in the restaurant industry, but we don’t stop there.  We hire and promote women entrepreneurs in all aspects of our business. 

Our food and people photographer is Lisa Wilson and she is the dynamic woman behind the camera and the owner of the sophisticated and fun Orange Blossom Photography. 

Lisa specializes in the smallest of subjects including our Mini cupcakes and the newest of newborn babies in the city of St. Petersburg. 

We are honored that she is a part of our team of women who desire to bake, decorate and showcase delicious desserts for all to see and eat.  

  Studio located at 2376 9th Avenue N. in St. Petersburg, Florida