(swah-rey) is St. Pete’s trendy Dessert Bar – a spot for scratch-made desserts that are paired with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage and served with love & kindness.

(swah-rey) is a multi-location dessert bar that opened in St. Petersburg, Florida. The business started to simply solve the problem of my husband and me being unable to locate and purchase a tasty dessert during the evening hours. Upon moving to the St. Petersburg area, we found that within a reasonable distance of our home, a delicious dessert, specifically a scratch made non-frozen dessert, was not available in the evening hours. The more research we did, the more we realized that scratch-made, never frozen dessert is scarce in the day and night within the state of Florida and beyond. I set out to remedy this problem for me, my husband and the 1000s of other married and expectant couples who must be struggling with the same problem.

(swah-rey) is the phonetic spelling of the French word, soirée, which is routinely defined as a party or reception held in the evening. We believe that every day has a reason for us each to celebrate, as a party of one or 100, and as Julia Childs said, “a party without a cake is just a meeting.” So, in October 2015, we opened (swah-rey) to celebrate our days with great cake, sweet people and in the abundantly sunshine filled city of St. Petersburg, Florida.

(we love dessert)

(we love St. Pete)

(2105 Central Ave)

No shameful smirks or shuffled feet here. Our dine-in location is a safe space for sweet lovers to gather and unite over their joy for sweets. Eat as many cake-minis or pie-in-a-glasses as your heart desires. We’re not judging, we promise.

(625 Central Ave)

Pop in and grab a dessert to go at our newest location! Don’t let the size of this shop fool you. This intimate location has lots of variety to choose from. Stop by and let us help you make your day a whole lot sweeter.

(we love toast)

There are so many different decisions to make prior to opening a restaurant, including menu items, decor, location, and all types of technology.  We knew that the Point of Sale System (POS) we wanted to purchase would need to be easy to use, adaptable to our continuing growth and full of analytical information. 

In 2015, we chose and continue to recommend TOAST as the best POS available. In TOAST, we found the perfect balance between ease of use for our staff and in-depth sales analysis for our management team. 


TOAST makes it easy for us to run reports, which show the success of each individual dessert.  When a dessert isn’t performing well, we remove it and the kitchen gets creative. This keeps our dessert options fresh and keeps our customers excited about us!

(we love joe)

Joseph Siciliano is a professional self-taught photographer of 15 years who is responsible for our updated photography. In 2016 and 2017, he created our brand & event editorials. In 2018, he created stop motion video and social media content for us.

He’s well known in the industry for shooting museum art pieces; He’s worked with local museums such as the Dali Museum and the Florida Holocaust Museum, but he’s also worked afar at the Royal Academy of Art in London.