(swah-rey) is St. Pete’s trendy Dessert Bar – a spot for scratch-made desserts that are paired with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage and served with love & kindness.

(swah-rey) is now a multi-location dessert bar that opened in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2015. 

The business started to simply solve the problem of Leslie Ann’s dessert cravings.  Long drives throughout the Tampa Bay Area led to endless searching for scratch-made cakes and other desserts that are available in the evening hours. 

We quickly realized that scratch-made, never frozen desserts are scarce within the Tampa Bay Area, never mind if you wanted to be an adult and pair a dessert with a glass of wine, champagne or even a beer!   We decided that (swah-rey) a dessert bar, was the answer to this problem.  

We set out to design the best dessert recipes, paired with the best beverages and baked by the most talented women in St Pete and served by the kindest people!

(swah-rey) is the phonetic spelling of the French word, soirée, which is routinely defined as a party or reception held in the evening.   Since Leslie Ann loves a reason celebrate with cake, the name (swah-rey) was perfect. We believe that every day has a reason each of to celebrate as a party of one, two or 500.  

In October 2015, we opened (swah-rey) to celebrate great cake, a delicious drink, the sweet people who live and visit the City of St. Petersburg and its  360+ day of sunshine.   

Our 2nd location opened in 2018 and our 3rd and 4th location will open in Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 with more and more to come!

(we love dessert)

(we love St. Pete)

@ 2105 Central Ave

The original (swah-rey) dessert dream started in St. Petersburg, Florida at  2105 Central Avenue. With a team of incredibly talented women, we bake 7,000+ desserts a week for our retail locations.  

This location is open for retail dessert sales on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  

Want to pair a beverage with our dessert?  Yes, of course, we have Coffee, Tea, Milk, Sodas, Hard Cider, Wine, Beer, and Champagne too!

@ 625 Central Ave

This Grab ‘n Go (swah-rey) location in downtown St. Petersburg is located at 625 Central Avenue. This location has our 19 varieties of our famous Mini cupcakes, HookUps, 4 flavors of bars, cheesecakes, cream pies in-a-glass and much more!    

Open 7 days a week  for desserts and drinks too! Coffee, Tea, Wine, Beer, Frose and Champagne 

Don’t forget, we bake for mans-best-friend too! Grab some Pup Minis for your K9 or preorder a Birthday Cake. 

(we love toast)

There are so many different decisions to make prior to opening a restaurant, including menu items, decor, location, and all types of technology.  We knew that the Point of Sale System (POS) we wanted to purchase would need to be easy to use, adaptable to our continuing growth and full of analytical information. 

In 2015, we chose and continue to recommend TOAST as the best POS available. In TOAST, we found the perfect balance between ease of use for our staff and in-depth sales analysis for our management team. 


TOAST makes it easy for us to run reports, which show the success of each individual dessert.  When a dessert isn’t performing well, we remove it and the kitchen gets creative. This keeps our dessert options fresh and keeps our customers excited about us!

(we love joe)

Joseph Siciliano is a professional self-taught photographer of 15 years who is responsible for our updated photography. 

In 2016-2017, Joe helped us solidify our imagery with beautiful pictures. In 2018, he continued as our food photographer and elevated our online presence with stop motion video.

Joe is well known in the industry for shooting million dollar museum art pieces. He’s worked locally with the Dali Museum and the Florida Holocaust Museum, but he’s also worked as far away as the Royal Academy of Art in London.